Printer Cartridge


• Remove the cartridge from the box and antistatic bag. The cartridge will be in a protective clip

• Install the ink cartridge as per your Printers'-Manual.

• Please ensure that you do Ito 2 cleaning pages after installing the cartridge to maintain good prints.

• To get the best possible print outs change your print settings to "BEST" this will not affect the yield of the cartridge as we ensure maximum fill volumes.

• Please note that some cartridges may say ink empty or ink volume low this is a way of the original manufacturer making you buy their cartridge just simply click "ok" or "continue" and you will be able to print.

A Few Tips — just in case you experience any problems

My Printer doesn't Recognize the Cartridge

If the printer doesn't recognize the cartridge — there may be some dirt or ink on the electronic contacts of either the cartridge or the printer. Using a damp paper towel to clean both electronic contacts should solve the problem — Please make sure there is no power going to the printer if you are going to clean the electronic contacts. If this does not work try to remove the cartridge reboot you’re PC and try to reinstall again. If it still causes problems then please return to seller for exchange.

The Cartridge is working but its giving me Poor Prints

All cartridges must be stored upright in their box whilst in storage before use. If the cartridge has not been stored in this upright position, then the print quality will be poor until the ink settles to the bottom of the cartridge where the print head is. Simply leave the cartridge installed in the printer for 2-6 hours, and quality will be restored. Make sure any spare cartridges are stored upright, so they work correctly when first installed. Try setting the printer to print in "best".

The above hasn't worked and I still have Poor Prints

An air pocket may be stopping the ink from leaving the cartridge. Simply remove the cartridge, take a folded sheet of kitchen towel, and rap around the cartridge, and shake the cartridge several times_ Then blot the cartridges print head on the towel until a colour or-black pattern is seen, now the cartridge, the cartridge can be inserted into the printer.

• I have done both the Steps above and still getting poor prints

Take a single piece of kitchen paper towel, fold in two and gently dab the cartridge head on the paper towel until you see a head print from the cartridge. If you do not get a good head print from the cartridge, simply wet the comer of the kitchen towel and gently wipe the Cartridge head several times, then blot the cartridge head again with the dry kitchen towel. Now insert into your printer and run 2 or 3 cleaning pages.


To get the best prints, please

ensure you run I or 2 cleaning cycles and

select the "BEST" Print Option

If you have still Problems with your cartridge

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