Compatible CLI-551BK High Capacity Photo Black Cartridge

Photo Black
Print approx 495 pages
  • The CLI-551BK is a black full capacity compatible ink cartridge for any printing needs.
  • It has a year full guarantee to be the most satisfactory cartridge available.
  • It can be sent to you through a quick Delivery within Ireland whenever you desire it.
  • The cartridges come with top grade ink to ensure constant smooth printing.
  • Each cartridge comes with 12ml of the best black ink.
Price:£7.65incl. VAT
  • Buy 5 for £7.60 each and save 1%

ink cartridge details

If you're one of the frustrated people who have been looking for the perfect blacks but have been unable to find them, this is where you can stop looking. The CLI-551BK can give you the blacks that you have been looking for in your printouts. This cartridge contains ink that can stick onto your paper with perfect acuity, leading to the best colours and definite lines. Anything that you have envisioned for your documents will become a reality with this 12ml black cartridge: perfect for outlining, text, and images. This cartridge is compatible with the Canon MX 925, Canon MG 5450, Canon MG 6350, Canon IP 7250, Canon MG 5550, and the Canon MG 7150.

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