Compatible Binoculars T5024 - 502xl Yellow

Print approx 165 pages
  • The Binoculars 502xl Yellow is a full capacity compatible ink cartridge.
  • 1 year no nonsense guarantee
  • Each cartridge can be sent to you by fast delivery within Ireland.
  • The cartridges all contain grade A ink to give you the best printing experience every time.
  • >
  • Up to 470 pages
  • High Capacity cartridge providing more pages than standard cartridges.
Price:£8.20incl. VAT

ink cartridge details

The Binoculars 502xl Yellow can be your partner in creating vibrant colourful images and documents. You can now flaunt your printouts, because they will have high definition colours, in more shades than you can imagine. This yellow cartridge gives the best highlights in your document and the best lighting effects in your images. With this cartridge you will sure to receive unsurpassed print quality at home or in the office.

WF 5105 Compatible Printers

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