Compatible LC 39/ LC 1100 High Capacity Cyan Printer Cartridge Compatible Printer cartridge for Brother Printer

Compatible LC 39/ LC 1100 High Capacity Cyan Printer Cartridge Printer Cartridge is guaranteed to work with Brother MFC J415W with fast delivery within UK

Compatible LC 39/ LC 1100 High Capacity Cyan Printer Cartridge

Print approx 500 pages
  • Full capacity compatible LC39 Cyan ink cartridge is perfect for producing vivid cyan colour tones and achieving its in-between hues.
  • One Year Full Guarantee for every ink cartridge purchase.
  • Delivered scratch-free, neatly boxed as seen on the website to your doorsteps via fast Royal Mail delivery within the Ireland.
  • Filled to capacity with Grade A Ink essential in producing high-impact, tone-perfect cyan hues.
  • Utilise the 13ml ink multi-printer compatible cartridge for your lifelong printing needs.
Price:£2.00incl. VAT

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Have you been worrying about providing the right colour you clients want? Were the ink cartridges you've used failed to provide you the exact cyan tone you needed? The Compatible LC39 Cyan Cartridge is perfected to achieve top-notch, high-quality results, making it the ultimate solution for every printing dilemma you encounter. This ensures to provide the precise tone of cyan you need, as it is able of providing sharp cyan text, as well as its other hues. With this, translating into reality whatever you've seen on your computer monitor is now possible. It's perfect for highly demanding print projects involving advertising and marketing, corporate enterprises, design and art ventures, as well as for single-use, personal projects like school activities, university papers, home recipe, and letters. This colour inkjet cartridge is compatible with various Lexmark printers such as Brother DCP-J125, Brother DCP-J315W, Brother DCP J515W, Brother DCP-J140W, Brother MFC-J265W, and Brother MFC-J410.

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